September 2, 2012 by mypen2013

While I do enjoy history I wont take the time to unearth specific truths regarding the structural history of the church; however I would like to share with you how the building in many ways might be hurting the “church”.

Consider a day like today. There many reasons why people just can’t make to a church building. Are they not part of the team. Stop for just a moment and consider those who are physically unable to make it to church. Or consider the 160 million Americans who say they have been wounded by the church and wont return. We must not also forget those who have become afraid of the processes and traditions that make some churches harder than others.

While often external circumstances are used as reasons for the epidemic of church closings in America; I believe the real issues facing church is internal. People have always hungered for community and fellowship. But what happens when church becomes to hard.

Perhaps you the reader of this blog have the perfect church and a fellowship to be coveted. If so, that is a blessing that should not be taken for granted. However, as you are backing out of your driveway, consider all the cars in your neighborhood that wont be making the same journey you’re making. Perhaps we should take a moment and reflect on those who will not be going to a building. Do you consider them to be just as loved by God as you?

Can someone experience God in a house alone. Can God reach someone at drive thru during normal church hours. Can God reach the person who’s Saturday night has pushed them beyond the reach of a church. Even as I begin to type I realize that it is easier to reach the church on the inside; the challenge is reaching the church on the outside.

Maybe the silence of this topic is contributing the fall of churches in America. Maybe our lack of accepting those on the other side of the church walls explains the Silent Church Bells.


2 thoughts on “SILENT CHURCH BELLS

  1. Charlotte says:

    You raise some good questions. I agree with the comments of Linda (above). I’m so glad we belong to a growing vibrant church. I can see why some churches I have visited are dying. There seems to be no life there.

  2. Linda says:

    Very interesting thoughts this morning. I believe that God can be experienced anywhere in our life, but the church body of believers is an important addition to our faith walk, simply by providing us a place to join with others of like mind. It saddens me to see churches closing.

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