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August 31, 2012 by mypen2013

Yes, I’ve come to realize that it’s true; God has blessed me with a unique ability to write. The hard part is finding the courage to let my pen take complete control. Why is it so difficult to allow what’s in me to flow into reality?

I have so often yearned to write…with consistency. I have often felt like that little boy starring at the pretty girl in the front of the class. An un-noticed crush with a little girl who knew all along. I had convinced myself that my talents were hidden yet they were clearly noticed by others.

So often I would write short stories and revealing thoughts only to find myself wrapped in the complexity of making the first move. When it came to writing I wanted to become more than just a secret admirer. I wanted more than to just to stare at my gift from across the classroom. I wanted to boldly announce my crush of writing before the entire class. Better yet, I was prepared to announce my crush of writing before the entire school.

Finally, my moment of truth was right beside me. Though not a classroom or a school auditorium, I stood before my laptop in my bedroom. No elementary crush with big brown eyes or long pink flowing ribbons; just me and a big blue screen with letters. My laptop had become more than just a search engine gateway. Within moments my laptop had become the trumpet of my declaration. My first crush had become more than a secret. It was now the real thing.


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